Who Can Give UK Immigration Advice?

Under UK immigration law, only authorised individuals can give immigration advice to help you prepare and submit a visa application. Migration consultants, agents and lawyers must be registered with the Office of the Visa Services Commissioner (OISC).

You can see Migration Expert's registration details at the bottom of every page of our site.

All authorised agents have an authorisation number from OISC. All Migration Consulting companies must display their current OISC authorisation number on their websites and documentation. You can see Migration Expert's registration details at the bottom of every page of our site.

OISC Migration consultants must adhere to a strict code of professional conduct and training that ensures that they are highly competent, maintain good business practices and keep their knowledge of immigration law up-to-date.

All of Migration Expert's personalised Visa Services are prepared by an authorised UK Migration Consultant who is registered with the OISC.

Our Expert Immigration Advice

Every day thousands of people turn to Migration Expert for detailed advice to help them through the visa application process. We have a strong history of expertise in immigration law and we are proud of the advice we are able to provide.

All immigration advice that you will receive from Migration Expert is provided by an authorised UK Migration Consultant. If you appoint us to manage your visa application for you, your case will be assigned to a registered Migration Consultant and managed from start to finish.

Here is a look at our team of Registered Migration Consultants.


Do not appoint an immigration consulting company who employs unregistered migration agents or who is not registered to provide immigration advice.

Please note: We are not part of the Australian, Canadian, UK or US government. We are a private company and we do not have the authority to grant you a Visa of any kind. We can only assist and advise people who want to travel to or migrate to Australia, Canada, the UK, and the US. The final decision on all visa applications rests with the appropriate government authority in the country to which you are seeking to migrate or travel to.

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