Futher Leave to Remain

Are you in the UK in any visa category and your visa is about to expire? Most visa categories enable you to apply for a UK visa extension so that you can stay in the country for longer for the objective for which a longer stay is needed.

Whether you are able to and how you can extend your visa will be dependent on the visa you currently hold and if you continue to meet the visa eligibility requirements. However, applicants must ensure that they make an application to extend before their current visa expires to avoid the risk of overstaying and breaking the conditions of their landing.

There are different immigration rules for all different categories of visa extensions and our migration consultants can assist you to determine your eligibility and what rules apply to your visa extension through our consultation service.

With our full representation, we can assist you in submitting a valid application to the Home Office in accordance to the requirements as extension applications can be complicated.

To start this process and extend your stay in the UK, contact our team today.

The contact can lead to eligibility question as below