Passport prices set to increase up to 27% starting from March 27, 2018

Monday, 12 February 2018

Earlier this week, the UK Passport office announced that it is raising the fees to submit a passport renewal application by post, with online renewals remaining a cheaper alternative.

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Adult passports are set to rise by 17 per cent, while children’s passport renewals are expected to increase by a whopping 27 per cent.

How much will each passport increase?

Standard Adult Passport

current price: £72.50

New Price: £75.70 (online) £85 (postal)

Children's Passport

current price: £46

New Price: £49 (online) £58.50 (postal)

The Passport Office is estimated to receive 50 million pounds in 2018-2019 alone from the anticipated increase.

The fees are expected to help the Passport office cover resources needed to process applications – which has been reported at approximately 6 million a year.

The Passport office has also said that they will be hiring 200 staff members to accommodate the expected influx.

Minister for Immigration, Caroline Nokes, has stated that this price increase is in line with the UK’s movement towards having a ‘self-sustainable immigration and borders system” whilst removing tax payer support.

Additionally, after the United Kingdom has officially left the EU, passport colours will change from burgundy to blue.

If you choose to renew your passport before the deadline, any time remaining on passport will be transferred to new passport. However, there is a maximum of 9 months – so if your passport is set to expire before Dec 27 this year, it might be worth renewing before the new price increases are implemented.

If you have any questions about how these changes will impact your visa, please speak to one of our senior migration consultants in a confidential consultation. Make your booking here.