Breaking: UK Supreme Court Upholds Minimum Income Requirement

Friday, February 24, 2017

The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom ruled that the minimum income required for a British citizen to sponsor a non-EEA spouse should stand, stating that it is “acceptable in principle.”

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The judges concluded that the existing regulation has not taken into proper account the welfare of the children. Several provisions of the regulation must be amended to make it possible for British citizens to meet the £18,600 income requirement.

As of today, an applicant is only allowed to state one source of income. Thus, most British sponsors transfer to a higher-paying job just to meet the income requirement, a scenario that doesn’t work for everyone. In a report by the Migration Observatory, almost 40 percent of British citizens working full-time and part-time earn less than the income threshold, making it impossible for many to sponsor their spouse and children to live with them in the UK. The regulation was introduced in 2012 by the Home Office under the leadership of Theresa May.

This dilemma has paved the way for the increasing number of “Skypekids” and “Skypefamilies". That’s why many critics believe that it’s high time for the regulation to be amended. The Home Office said that it will seriously consider the court’s remarks especially in cases that involve a child and when the income threshold has not been met.

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