House of Commons supports EU divorce timetable

Monday, December 12, 2016

The lower house of the country’s parliament has voted to back Prime Minister Theresa May’s decision to remain faithful to the referendum result and finally trigger Article 50 in March of next year.

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This is in keeping with Reuters’ Independent research published last week that the MPs are more likely to support the EU divorce as implied by their recent comments on the matter. Last week, PM May publicly challenged the lower house to support Article 50 first before the government reveals Brexit details.

The so-called “showdown vote” between MPs was considered as the first test of the House of Commons concerning the country’s independence from the European Union (EU). The Labour’s motion urging the government to publish a carefully designed plan sat well with the majority of the MPs, saying that it’s the public’s right to know what’s happening in the country. They also said that the ongoing efforts for triggering Article 50 should be respected, at a landslide vote of 461 to 89.

This leaves the prime minister the responsibility of revealing the detailed plan of the Brexit. She also told the 89 “rebels” to respect the outcome and instead help pave the way for the country’s smooth transition to becoming a non-EU member. “It’s important that we don’t leave it for too long, otherwise people will lose faith in their politicians, they’ll think that we’re trying to pull the wool over their eyes,” May told the press. “What I’ve been saying to people is I want to see as smooth and orderly a process as possible.”

With this, the country’s immigration policies are expected to change dramatically in the future. Amongst the issues dividing British politicians’ today is whether they would retain EU citizen’s rights in the country or not should Brexit become a reality.

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