UK Immigration is The Most Popular for Romanian Migrant Workers

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

According to new employment figures for 2011, Britain is still the most popular destination for migrant workers from Romania with at least 15,000 seeking jobs here every month.

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The research, which was conducted by a Romanian-based employment agency, showed that 22,000 jobs in the UK have been applied by nearly 90,000 Romanians, more than any country in Europe, in the first six months of 2011. This number accounts for 24 percent of the total of 370,000 Romanians who have applied for 97,000 overseas jobs so far this year. Greece and Germany are the next most popular destinations after the UK.

A large number of young Romanians wish to immigrate to the UK and they consider it a land of opportunity where they can achieve a comfortable standard of living and find well-paid jobs through hard work. An estimated 60,000 Romanian migrants work in the UK because they can earn four times as much as in their home country.

Although the Government introduced tougher restrictions for Bulgarian and Romanian job seekers who must obtain permission to work in the UK before starting any job, Home Office statistics show many are still coming here to find employment. It stated that nearly 2,000 Romanians classified as skilled workers, independently wealthy or students, applied to enter the UK this year and 1,646 of them were accepted. While 7,514 low-skilled Romanian workers found seasonal employment in the same period.

"These figures show Britain is always the first choice for the working and the work-shy. Those who want to work, often for low pay, can find it while our housing and benefits system attracts those in search of a handout", said MEP Gerard Batten, UK Independence Party's home affairs spokesman.

The Department for Work and Pensions confirmed Romanian migrants are eligible to claim income-related benefits, such as housing benefits, straight away. They even can claim out-of-work benefits like income-related jobseeker's allowance after 12 months of continuous employment in Britain.

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