Simplified UK Visa Application Process for Russian Citizens

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

According to news from the British Charge d'Affaires in Moscow, the UK plans to make changes to its visa policy for Russian nationals.

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The announcement from the British Charge d'Affaires in Moscow states that the UK vows to ease conditions for visa applications for Russian citizens entering the UK.

British Charge d'Affaires Dennis Keefe told of a very low refusal rate for Russian visa applications recently and made a commitment to reduce the time for issuing UK visas during an investment forum in Moscow on November 15, 2011. According to Mr. Keefe, the issue will be of great importance next year when London hosts the Olympic Games and expects a significant increase in visitors to the UK.

Easing visa arrangements between Russia and the UK is the result of a strong campaigning by both governments. UK Prime Minister David Cameron discussed the issue with Russian President Medvedev during his visit to Russia in September. During this visit, Mr. Cameron revealed that 96 percent of all visa applications from Russian citizens were approved in 2011. Russia has become one of the three biggest drawers of British visas together with China and India. Obtaining a UK visa will also permit Russian citizens to go to Ireland. Travelling to Ireland will also become more convenient with the Irish Foreign Minister Eamon Gilmore promising to make the procedure simpler.

In addition, Russia is seeking a bilateral visa-free regime with all of the European Union. A Russia-EU permanent partnership council will meet in Moscow to discuss mutual visa-free travel on November 17. Russia and the EU have already reached an agreement on long-term visas for up to five years.

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