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Migration Expert UK is a private immigration firm providing immigration advice & representation, and is not affiliated with the UK Government. All decisions for granting a visa remain with the relevant Government Authority subject to the applicant lodging a valid application and meeting the relevant criteria. If you do not wish to obtain immigration advice or representation you can make your application directly to relevant government authority without paying any additional fees.
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Do I qualify for a UK Visa?
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Free UK Visa Eligibility Assessment

Find out if you qualify for a UK visa. The assessment uses the criteria set by the UK Immigration Authorities. You will receive instant and detailed results.

How the Eligibility Assessment Can Help You

The Free UK Visa Eligibility Assessment™ is designed to instantly determine if you are eligible to apply for the UK Visa of your choice.

Using the criteria set by the UK Immigration Authorities, it is one of the most advanced online migration assessment tools available anywhere.

It takes only a few minutes to complete the assessment. Our UK Visa Eligibility Assessment™ is easy to follow. You will be immediately notified of your result at the conclusion of the Assessment. All questions that are posed in the assessment have been specifically designed to provide you with a preliminary assessment on your likelihood of satisfying the criteria for your selected Visa type.

To obtain a more comprehensive assessment of your eligibility for migration to the UK, we recommend that you complete both the UK Visa Eligibility Assessment™ and UK Migration Interview™. Upon completing these steps, you can then purchase a migration service that is tailored to your unique circumstances.

Other UK Visas
  • Work Visa

    Work visas offer talented individuals the opportunity to live and work in a range of industries in the UK.
  • Travel Visa

    Travel visas allow people to visit the UK for up to 6 months for business, tourism and other short term purposes.
  • Working Holiday Visa

    The Working Holiday Visa program allows 18 Ů 30 year olds from participating countries a once in a lifetime opportunity to work and experience life in the UK for up to two (2) years.
  • Student Visa

    Student visas are designed for international students to undertake study and even part-time work in the UK.
  • Ancestry Visa

    An Ancestry visa allows those with a UK-born grandparent to live and work in the UK.
  • Business Visa

    A Business visa allows successful business people to settle and develop new or existing businesses in the UK.
  • Nationality Visa

    Nationality Visas allow individuals who have been living lawfully in the UK may be eligible to apply for British citizenship or nationality.
  • Residency Visa

    Residency allows eligible individuals who have lived and worked legally in the UK to remain in the UK indefinitely.

To obtain this service, please select the visa category that best applies to you and complete the Free UK Visa Eligibility Assessment.

Latest Immigration News
  • Net rise in migrants to the UK
    As part of new figures recently revealed by the Home Office, the latest immigration figures show that net migration from outside the EU continues to fall, and is now at its lowest levels since 1998. This is seen as a direct result from the governmentís efforts in effecting immigration reforms; one which is reducing abuse of the various programs.
  • Changes on Immigration Rules Help UK Push up Economy
    A number of changes on UK immigration rules have been published by the Home Office and UK Visas and Immigration on March 13, 2014. Under these changes, UK businesses will be allowed to employ skilled international workers as well as supporting the government's long term economic plan to build a stronger, more competitive economy.
  • UK to Introduce 'Tech Visa' for IT Talented Workers
    In order to facilitate exceptionally talented programmers and IT professionals to apply for the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visa, the UK government will introduce a new 'tech visa' in April 2014, according to a recent announcement by the UK's Prime Minister David Cameron.